11.21.99 Many Firsts
Today we went to Sea World. The last time I was there I was nine years old and had come with my brother and sister and my mom, it had changed a lot since then but the memories of of the past came back to me as soon as we entered the park. The very first thing we did was feed the dolphins and Elizabeth began to cry because she though the dolphins were trying to bite me when I was feeding them fish. During the dolphin show she cried and cried and called them bad. Luckily she got over the incident and we began to have a good day. Her favorite attraction was the shark tanks. While the other kids in our group cried she wanted to go through them over and over again. The Shamu attraction was also one of her favorites and we bought her a giant stuffed animal whale that she carried with her the rest of the day.

This was the first time Elizabeth had ever been to any theme park and she absolutely loved it. There wasn't any rides for her to ride but I'm sure in the next five days she will ride more rides than she ever imagined. I also got to ride my first roller coaster, Journey to Atlantis. In fact it was the first theme park ride Jeff and I have ever ridden together. I bought the picture of us coming down this 90 foot waterfall/drop and I hope to scan it once I get home. It was so much fun Jeff and I rode it twice and by the time we were finished we were soaking wet, so we were glad that was the last thing on our agenda before going back to the house.

Tomorrow we are going to Busch Gardens in Tampa and then to have dinner at my  dad's sister house. Its going to be a very long day.

Today's Highlights:

Petting and feeding the dolphins

Seeing Elizabeth light up when we were in the shark exhibit

Riding a roller coaster with my husband and screaming my head off, twice!

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