11.22.99 Ten Miles Of Bad Road
Today I was wishing I was anywhere but Tampa, Florida. I spent more time in the car today then I cared too and not only do my feet hurt from walking and standing on them all day but my butt hurts as well. I also have to express my disappointment in Busch Gardens. It was nothing like I remembered it as a child and three of their major rides were closed due to technical problems, even the train was closed for a portion of the day. The best displays of wild life were the apes and monkeys and the crocodiles, and the children got most of their enjoyment in The Land of the Dragon portion of the park.(only kiddie rides but very fun and relaxing) As we toured the park the more disappointed I became, the nursery had no baby animals, the koalas were sick, the bid shows were cancelled, and the list grew and grew. Jeff and I were able to ride one roller coaster, the Gwazi, but he said that he didn't want to ride another one after that. Our lunch was horrible and I was thankful my dad picked up the tab because I hated the thought that we spent our money on food that tasted that bad. We also went through the Tuts Tomb display which we had read was a direct replica of the original. ADVICE: Don't believe everything that you read. After shopping for some souvenirs we headed towards my Aunt Joyce's house for a family reunion of sorts and dinner.

Let me remind you that I have only met these people two or three other times in my life and I wasn't thrilled about spending the next three hours with a bunch of strangers when I was very tired. It took almost forty-five minutes to get to their home which was in a very bad, gang infested area of town and there were an additional fifteen people there including wild heathen children. We were served homemade fried potatoes and barbecue that Jeff swears had chitlins in it and for dessert brownies. The food was absolutely horrible and the conversations were worse. Dad had a great time however visiting with his family but those of us who had no clue about these people isolated ourselves in the living room in a corner. There was so much clutter, furniture, and dust I was beginning to feel claustrophobic. Elizabeth kept saying she wanted to go home and whining because she was hungry. Finally after spending three hours there we left for Orlando which was a two hour drive from where we were at.

Well, we finally got home, and it was a terrible ride. Even though I am terribly tired and have to get up in six hours to go to Animal Kingdom, I'm writing this entry to help wind down. I'm hoping to get in touch with Bobbi tomorrow so we can set up a time to meet. Hopefully we will not be out too late.

In Tampa we saw this sign:

"What part of thou shalt not didn't you understand." -God

Highlights of the day:

Seeing Elizabeth's face light up at seeing the monkeys.

Elizabeth riding her first ride ever in The Land of The Dragons.

Jeff and I riding the Gwazi roller coaster.


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