11.28.99  Playing Catch Up

This morning I woke at dawn and began housecleaning. There was a substantial amount of cat hair all over the carpet and the bathrooms and kitchen needed a good wipe down. Jeff was up too, helping me get the house back into its usual condition, cluttered but clean. As soon as we could get ready we headed out to a local Christmas Tree farm to find ourselves a tree and Elizabeth seems very excited. We got lost on the way there but luckily I was able to take a few turns and end up exactly where we were supposed to be. I picked out a Virginia Pine that stood about seven and a half feet and loaded it into the truck along with a wreath. As soon as we got home we were talking with our neighbors who informed us of some very disturbing news. One of the kittens we had given away out of the batch we had found had to be put to sleep due to feline leukemia. I felt a sudden sickness in my stomach because I knew what this could potentially mean for my four beloved pets. Feline Leukemia is very contagious and once a cat starts feeling the effects of the disease there is terrible suffering and sickness. Jeff didn't seem to understand the repercussions of this so I had to spell out to him that we may have to put all four cats to sleep. I don't know how I am going to handle that if or when it happens and how I will tell Elizabeth.

I spent the rest of the afternoon somberly putting up the Christmas tree lights and ornaments as the little kitties played and rubbed up against my legs purring.

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