Strategic Planning


I'm going to need a vacation from my vacation. In fact I am looking into going to Atlanta after the semester ends and surprise Jeff with a weekend getaway for the just the two of us. I was thinking it could be part of his Christmas present. I haven't hammered out all the details yet but I'm hoping things work out so we can go.

Organizing and planning this trip to Orlando is taking up alot of my time but I am hoping it is going to pay off. My sister and I have been working hard, reading books, talking to frequent Disney visitors, and surfing the net to help plan our trip. So far our plan is drive to Orlando Saturday, Sea World on Sunday, Busch Gardens on Monday, Animal Kingdom and MGM on Tuesday, Epcot on Wednesday, and the Magic Kingdom on Thursday and Friday. We have our breakfast meals , snacks, and dinner for five nights planned. Tomorrow I am going to the grocery and buying all the non-perishable items for the ten of us. A lot of work is going into this trip to help make it go as smooth as possible, we even have planned the itinerary for each day and what we are going to be riding first. The only thing we have not set in stone is Tuesday night when we go to MGM, and our Epcot day since Elizabeth can not ride most of the rides there. Two things I really want to do while I am there is go shopping in Downtown Disney and meet Bobbi. She is going to be staying in the same place we are so that really excites me. I was thinking I could escape over to her place when the heathens start to push me over the edge! I tried calling her tonight but she wasn't home. I left a message on her answering machine, it probably sounds goofy as hell, and after she hears it she will probably giggle. She sounds exactly the way I had imagined her voice though.


Today my house was like Grand Central Station, and I spent the entire day in my pajamas. I even went to the bank in my pajamas this morning. When I got up I got a shower, washed my hair and when I went to go get something to wear I pulled out my brand new pajamas and put them on. I didn't intend to wear them all day but with an influx of people coming out of the house I never had to change.

After getting back from the bank I decided to work on my "to do list" that I write out each morning, so I got heavily involved into cleaning and pulling out stuff we need for our trip when my sister called to let me know she was coming by to drop off some brochures to read. Then Kathy called begging me to watch her children so she could go work a few hours at the mall, like a fool I said yes. Before I knew it all these people started to arrive at my house at the same time. First Kathy showed up with her children thirty minutes early. I was still in my pajamas. A few minutes later Mrs. Cool shows up with her new baby and then my sister. Elizabeth then turned into "the evil one" and started being mean to Sydney, Kathy's six month old. It was really odd because she usually adores Sydney, it's Savannah that we sometimes have problems getting along with.

Kathy then left for work and Mrs.Cool went to walk. It wasn't but ten minutes later when the Dentist's wife shows up to pick up one of the kittens for her son. I was happy to get rid of one of the SIX cats we now have. Then it happened, a total and sickening disaster. Savannah, Kathy's two year old shit all over herself.

Before Kathy left I asked her if Savannah had a diaper on. She told me "no, she's potty trained." I then reminded her that the child had had an accident everytime she had been to my house. She assured me that she wouldn't have an accident but if she did pee on herself that she had a set of clean clothes for her to wear. I felt a little uneasy about the situation but tried to respect Kathy's parenting.

Just like I suspected Savannah had an accident, but it was worse than the average poop or pee, it was explosive diarrhea with whole chunks of food in it. There was SHIT everywhere. It was all down her legs, up her back, and up her front. I put her in our garden tub turned the water on while I stripped her clothes off. Luckily my sister was here when this happened to help me watch the other children. The poop was everywhere, all in my tub, big chunks of it too. I was gagging the whole time, trying to keep from cussing or shaming the child in the process. I took her panties off which was a task in and of itself because there was so much poop. I tried washing it out in the toilet, but after three times of dunking and flushing, and me eventually puking I through the damn panties away. I then bathed Savannah, who was covered with shit. It was really gross how it was all stuck up in her vagina and all over her skin. She didn't cry the first time during the whole ordeal and when I put on a diaper and put her in a new outfit she said "thank you."

The day has been a little exhausting, thankfully I'm still in my pajamas and I can go on and crawl into bed, but not before I try to call Bobbi again.












































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