December 18, 1999


Reading: nothing

Listening: To You Got Mail on the TV

Eating: Smoked Cajon Salmon Dip with crackers

Drinking: Grape Kool-Aid


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Last night as I was driving home from Stacy's apartment I was wondering what it would be like to vanish from the face of the earth. I wondered what things would be like should I pull over into a parking lot, withdraw a large amount of money from our checking account with the ATM card, leave my purse in the car and any of my other personal belongings and hitchhike out of town. I wondered how long it would take before Jeff realized I was gone, would the police get involved, and what my friends and family would think and do.

This isn't the first time I've thought of something so bizarre.

Don't worry, I would never actually do something like this because I couldn't stand to be away from my daughter. I was just wondering.


I let Stacy read yesterday's entry. She wasn't mad. In fact she thought it was funny. I'm curious to know what her "written" response is going to be.

Last night we actually went out shopping and to dinner and had a good time. We must have ran into every damn person we know though, because everytime we turned around we were seeing people we had worked with, knew in highschool, or one of my neighbors. We ate at the TGI Fridays that recently opened, and though I liked the atmosphere, I didn't care for the food. My stomach agrees with me this morning. I know, I know, too much information.


I'm thinking of ambushing this guy Hugh when he comes into town. You know, just "drop in" at Stacy's apartment one night and just meet him. She would just die. I would have to do something totally out of character because she would expect me to give him the third degree and ask him twenty questions in rapid succession. I can just imagine the look on her face.


If I don't have sex soon, I'm going to explode. It's been seventeen days since we had sex, all because of this extended menstruation thing. Thankfully that is all over now and we can get back to practicing for that baby we so desperately want. I have a feeling Elizabeth will be going down to bed early tonight so Jeff and I can have some one on one. I'm also glad he is off from work for the next two weeks, this means morning sex and nooners, something we don't get to indulge in often. Again, too much information.



Well my plans for today were totally ruined by the down pouring rain. When I woke up the day was bright and beautiful and I sat down and made a list of christmasy things to do today with Elizabeth. First we were going to go the museum and look at their Noel Display. This has been a tradition for me every since I was in the third or fourth grade. The museum has a display of different Christmas trees by various artists. There was also a nude display going on at the same time, of charcoal, pencil, and pen drawings of the nude figure. Then after that I thought we would grab a quick lunch and head downtown to see the Christmas parade. Mobile hasn't had a Christmas parade in over twenty years and in the news paper there was a mention that some of the Macy Day Parade balloons had been obtained. I thought this would be great for Elizabeth. After that I thought we could head over to Fort Conde and take the tour and see Santa Claus.

Then the rain came. And it rained. And it rained.

So we just went to the museum. We had the greatest time though. We take Elizabeth once a month to the museum and when we pulled into the parking lot she was immediately excited. As soon as we walked in she was in awe of the huge tree that graced the foyer. She walked around it, looking up and down the tree full of ribbon and ornaments. Then we looked at the nude display, which is really interesting to look at with an almost three year old. She kept saying, "look mommy boobies" in her happiest voice and went to picture to picture talking about the size of the women's breasts, except when she saw the naked men and then she would say "daddies are naked". At one point we were standing about three feet from a retired couple and she squeals out "I love those boobies!" as we walked by a naked sculpture. Kids do say the dardest things.

I was surprised to see a friend if ours pottery piece displayed in the Noel Display. We had no idea that any of his work would be featured. It was beautiful. It was hand built and intricacy carved with hieroglyphics. I wish I had a picture if it to show all of you. I actually considered taking pottery classes from our friend but he was much more expensive than Deanna. I've got the next best thing to him however, since Deanna was his prized student for several years.

And then after the museum we came home and ate lunch and decided to have a movie marathon with our pay-per-view channels. We watched Arlington Road with Jeff Bridges and Tim Robbins first. After the first few minutes of the movie I was beginning to think we had made a bad movie choice but by the end of the movie I was glad we had watched it. The movie isn't in my top ten but I definitely enjoyed it and it left you thinking. The next movie was Pushing Tin with John Cusak and Billy Bob Thornton. I absolutely adore John Cusak and Jeff and I are both big fans of Billy Bob. I adored this movie. It was funny, and it had some depth to it. It was definitely not a waste of money renting it. Right now as I type this out You Got Mail is on. We have seen it several times but it doesn't matter, its grown on us and You Got Mail is one of those movies that you find yourself learning line by line and quoting the script out in public.

Elizabeth is in bed, I believe opportunity is knocking. Until tomorrow.