December 25, 1999 Merry Christmas!

Wild Child Drive By

Elizabeth was a little confused this morning over the Santa Claus tradition. I had set out a basket of frogs(bought on eBay) for her and a giant rainforest puzzle(free from in the center of the room, so that when she woke up she would come across it. Like usual she came into our bedroom, saying "Git Up!" We encouraged her to go look in the family room for her gifts, but she refused. We told her there were gifts from the spirit of Saint Nick, she asked "Where is he?" Finally we were able to get her into the living room and notice her gifts but she refused to touch them, finally we were able to get her to play.

Since we had already opened our gifts, we gave Elizabeth her gifts from us. She lit up like a Christmas Tree when she opened her ActiMates Barney(free from Luvs Diapers) and it began to talk. She laughed with glee and so did we. Next she opened up two Barney videos (free) and a 13 inch Baby Bop(free). I know she thought she had hit the jackpot because she couldn't stop smiling and wanted to keep opening presents. I was snapping pictures left and right of her ripping pair and peeking into boxes. She opened another puzzle, 101 Dalmatians Disney video, and a Super Magna Doodle (that only cost me $10). She enjoyed playing with the Magna Doodle briefly but her attention immediately afterwards turned to the Actimates Barney.

I love watching little kids at Christmas. Everything is magical and fun, and filled with something new.

Baby Dancing

I was hoping that Elizabeth would play with all her new found treasures so me and Jeff could get us some one on one time alone. We shut the door and dove into bed and getting some action when Elizabeth stormed into he room.

Uh-oh, someone forgot to lock the door!

"What are you doing?" she asks, carrying her new best friend, Barney.

"We are playing." Jeff says laughingly.

So we try to get her to leave the room, but nothing works. We try to bribe her, we try to coax her, and we try to trick her.

"Daddy naked." She says bluntly. "Boobies", she comments pointing.


Eventually she left and Jeff got up and locked her out.

Normally we wouldn't do something like this, but when you have good quality fertile cervical fluid and this is the last cycle before pursuing infertility treatment you take the chances that the gods give you.

In Depth and Personal

Tonight my grandfather was here and he told us stories about the war, growing up during the depression and his marriage to a bigamous wife. I asked him if he would at least record his stories on tape, or write them down for us to share later on, at least for the great grand children and he seemed to like the idea. He's almost 80 but seems to be fully intact upstairs. He was a little surprised that I wanted his stories, a detail of his life either in his own voice or on paper.

The "heathens" were absolutely awful. The little one jumped up and down on my sofa and both of them terrorized the cats. Elizabeth's room is destroyed and there is dirty handprints all over the wall. I believe that as I get older I become more anal. I want things organized and clean and in there proper place. I'm a bit of a clutter bug myself but not to the extent that I can't go into a room and can not tell what is trash versus something important.

Overall, I had a good Christmas. I got most everything I asked for and a little extra. I'm hoping that in nine months I'll get the best gift of all.

Random Ramblings About My Life

As soon as our company left we took down our Christmas Tree.

I hated it. It was the worst tree I ever had.

It was a Virginia Pine.

My living room looked like the floor of a forest.

Jeff said I could buy that $249 artificial tree I wanted.

I've listened to the song 32 Flavors sung by Ani Difranco over fifty times in three days.

The highschool band featured on the Disney Special on ABC was the band from the highschool my husband teaches at.

I've lost 12lbs.

We are out of diapers and toilet paper.

I'm going to the store first thing in the morning.

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