February 1999



Thank God the day is almost over. My head will soon hit the pillow and hopefully wonderful dreams will come to me. I've been preparing for Wild Child's birthday party all day, cleaning and shopping and preparing the food. I keep trying to tell myself not to go overboard. My mother-in-law arrived for her party today, which in away was a great relief because then Wild Child had a playmate. My house is finally clean and now its time for yard work and cleaning out the garage.

I've been thinking about sending Wild Child to have time preschool program next year. This would give me time to get some things done and work on my art work, I might would even increase my pottery classes to two a week. Who knows?


I didn't have much to say yesterday. My mind was way ahead of itself with plans of Wild Child's party and a trying to get a piece of ass from my husband, which I might add, I got. The party was great but my MIL was about to drive me nuts. She has a voice that is worse then the Nanny's and is more irritating then a nat swarming in your face. She and the kid get along great. Plus I have to admit I'm proud of the MIL because she just went back to college and is doing well. FIL treats her like shit and I hope this will liberate her. FIL really needs to get a life and stopped treating her so bad and start giving a shit about his kids and grand children. I could careless what happens to the man but I hate the way he does his family.

The party was a lot of fun. I took three rolls of film and even allowed my pic to be taken. This is very unusual and if there are any decent ones I'll put one up on the site. Don't hold your breathe. Wild child got lots of cool gifts, and she got three gift certificates to Parisians. This will help out with the spring wardrobe. Kids clothes are so damn expensive. She also got all the accessories to the Little Tykes play kitchen. She has loved playing with all the pretend food and dishes. I secretly video taped her playing. This will be great when she starts dating.

We also went to the Mardi Gras parade. We took MIL and wild child to their first parade, Mystics of Time, and Wild Child slept through the whole parade. How a little kid can sleep through all the screaming and bands playing I have no idea but she did. Also MIL caught more stuff then any of us. She caught so many beads and moon pies she could hardly carry them all. She had a great time and I think next year we will take her again.

2-14-98 Happy Valentine's Day

Yesterday I got a call from a friend of mine E----, I haven't talked to her in two years because I lost her number and then she moved to another area. Well she is moving back to Mobile with her son and is interested in me helping her out. I really do not mind but I think she wants me to baby sit ALOT, something I really can't do. I can barely stay above water taking care of MsEm and Wild Child. Anyway, I'm glad she is moving back and all but I told her we would have to see. I believe I'm having a problem saying no as of late but I'm getting better.

Mr. Wonderful and I had a good Valentines Day together. We went to the Casino Boats in Biloxi and ate and gambled a little. We came back with what we left with, so that wasn't too bad, then we drove home and made love. I had so many candles lit in the bedroom I think he thought I was going to catch the house on fire. He's off of work the next few days for Mardi Gras and we are going to work on the yard and try to move some furniture out of the house so Wild Child can have more play room, until tomorrow......


Sorry life was boring this weekend..... =)


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