March 20th part 2

Today SUCKED!!! Nothing worked our right and I ended up crying and feeling like shit. I threw myself a pity party and I feel much better.

It all started this morning when I woke up intending to be at the Arts Festival before 11o'clock. Mr. Asshole and I went to look at the house and view the blueprints and see how things were progressing and then we headed to V---'s to pick up Wild Child. We got into an argument and he had to go home and get some medicine for his asthma. I was pissed because that put us leaving an hour later to the Arts Festival that I really wanted to attend. I asked him to retrieve the stroller and he didn't do it so when we finally got to the festival Wild Child had to be carried or had to hold our hands as she walked. This was not my ideal of fun and my fucking leg was hurting from having to walk a mile to the festival. Mr. Asshole wouldn't let Wild Child walk by herself nor did he let her see the exhibits and she wanted to walk and look at everything. Finally, I took Wild Child off his hands and let her view some art work and sure enough she calmed down but after about fifteen minutes she was displeased with the whole situation. This really frustrated me because ASS had left the stroller and if we wouldn't had it there would not have been a problem.

Toddlers throw fits and so do husbands and in the middle of the damn Arts Festival both of then throw fits!!! I was really upset, to the point of tears because ASS demanded that we leave. We had not been there thirty minutes. I cried as we walked to the car and my leg began hurting worse. Wild Child screamed bloody murder the whole twenty minute walk and she was so loud that cars were stopping and asking me if there was a problem, and one lady even asked me if we had spanked her. I told her that we didn't believe in spanking and that she was just throwing a baby fit.

Why do strangers have to butt their noses into my business???

So as we headed home we got into this argument about him not getting the stroller. He started getting all pissed and defensive and I started crying and telling him he was being an ass and then he just abruptly stopped the car and said he was going to walk home. So he started walking and then I really got upset. We were twenty miles from home and he was acting like a fifteen year old rather then a 29 year old. I let him walk awhile and then I picked him up. I would have left his ass if it had not been for his damn asthma and the fact he had been having trouble with it all day. The whole way home I bitched and ran my mouth telling him what I thought. I was really upset that my Saturday had been ruined. I was really angry that I missed the Arts Festival. I was also disappointed and hurt at the way he had shown his butt at the Arts Festival and the fact he acted like a teenager in the car. So when we got home I moped and pouted and he finally apologized and I did too. I then left and went to my friend Kim's house to have a pity party.

I feel much better now. And tomorrow Wild Child is going to her aunt's and Mr. Asshole and I are going to attempt the Arts Festival again.