March 9, 1999

V--- still is taking my calls or even emailing me. I even emailed her a dining invitation for this weekend since this guy she likes is coming into town. If I can't temp her with my great cooking then she must really have the corn cob up her ass. I tried calling her house, and after two rings the answering machine picks up. That is unusual. I don't know if I should be worried or just keep thinking she is a bitch. Usually when she screens calls she lets it ring four times. Oh well.

Well I was so worried about our credit history that I pulled my credit report from Equifax, and it was pretty damn good. It showed that we had practically perfect credit and the only late payments that showed up were around 1996 when my brother was murdered. They only go back two years, so now I'm not so worried about that. Its the damn income we have. We are off the front end figures by about $60 but our back end is real good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Mr. Wonderful really wants to get this house. I also drove by the lot and they started framing it. Its nice seeing the SOLD sign on the lot and know that we could be living there in four months.

I've been really tired all day today. I don't know why. I slept until nine when E--- called and woke me up and then I fell asleep during Oprah. MsEm got on my last nerve today asking me question after question and trying to get me to let her watch a movie. It was very nerve racking. I think me laziness stems from lack of sex. I know I haven't had any in a week and tonight I can't get my kid to sleep so I can get some. Mr. Wonderful is working his frustrations out on the kitchen by cleaning it. YEAH!!! At least I'll have a clean kitchen tomorrow, even if I don't get an orgasm tonight.




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