April 10, 1999

I hate the fucking military. I swear they are like a damn cult, especially the Marines. My dad (actually step-dad) was one. He tried to run our home like we were little soldiers. What a joke.

Anyway, when my husband graduated from high school, he wanted to play in the Army's band. He was a trombone player and had several scholarships to various schools, one being Berkley in Boston (Alanis Morrissette was there when he was, not to mention a few others). He went to the try out and was accepted into the Army Band. His whole reasoning for going in the Army was getting school completely paid for, the benefits, and while working to become an engineer (that is what he wanted to do) he could still play his horn. The Army rejected him though because he has asthma. It didn't matter that he was an excellent trombone player or that he was in excellent shape (weight lifting, jogging, ect). He has been bitter towards the Army ever since.

Today though the FUCKING Army called, trying to recruit him. Evidently they are scouting at universities for individuals that have smarts (He currently has a 4.0 in computer science, graduate level) and looking for people in specific fields. They offered to pay off ALL his student loans (we currently have $20,000 dollars in school loans, deferred) and continue to pay for his education. Hubby was really sarcastic, and told them he still had asthma, and he was pushing 30, his age was not the a problem the man told him, he then went on to ask how bad his asthma was. Hubby kinda chuckled and said worse then when they denied him entrance ten years ago, and explained to him that he took medication daily and took breathing treatments several times a month. Then Mr. Wonderful told him that he was no longer interested in what the Army had to offer and hung up.

First all that shit going on over seas must be rocking the boat in the military offices, not to mention Y2K. I sure would like to know how behind they really are on fixing their problems.

Another comment, my dictionary on Microsoft Word recognizes that the words shit and fuck are spelled correctly. Just thought y'all would like to know.<g>