April 15, 1999

I am devastated! Our plans to move into a new home are falling apart, the dream is fading and now I sit here waiting to see what hand destiny has dealt me. I can't seem to get past a spring without something majorly screwing up, at least no one died this time around, except a dream.

Twenty-four hours ago I was informed that North Carolina is a community property state. This means that spouses own a home jointly even if only one spouse has their name on the deed, and appear to be sole owner. My mother, a resident of Alabama, in her will left me her interest in a vacation home in NC. In Alabama, a will does not have to be probated if the executor is also a spouse and the terms of the will are followed and no one contests the will. So I have a non-probated will in the state of AL giving me my right as owner of piece of property in the state of NC. NC does not recognize that. They view my father(step-father) as the owner because of their community property laws, for me to actually own the property in their state the will would have to be probated -- which takes 90 days or my step-father would have had to have signed a prenuptial agreement(which he did not). If it takes the will at least 90 days to be probated in the state of NC, this puts the closing of the property in August, and I do not see one red cent until then. So now to the suck part. The house we are building has a builder's closing in May, in which we have to show that we have paid off the remainder of any debt(car loan) and have the rest of the money for completion, the loan that we have on the house we are building is contingent on the sale of the property in NC, that closing is June 15th. As you can see I am in a bit of a panic and my husband is over the edge in anger over this whole situation. The attorney I spoke with is hoping he can come up with something creative so we can go ahead and close and everyone will be happy.

I'm not holding my breath. This is the story of my life. Worse case scenario is that the people who want to buy the house decide they no longer want it and I see no money, the best case is that the attorney works some sort of legal miracle and we get to keep the home we are building. So I guess I sit here waiting to hear, my blood pressure rising, my heart pounding, and the anticipation building.