April 18, 1999

The weekend is over, and I am grateful. My mother-in-law came into town for a concert and then stayed the rest of the weekend. Her voice irritated me, she hovered over me, was sneaking around in my things, and would not shut up.

At the concert I sat her as far from me as possible and tried to enjoy the music. We went to see the Gaither Homecoming Concert Friday night. My dad bought the tickets for all of us to go, and I only went because it really made him happy to have us kids there. In case you don't know who the Gaithers are they are a Christian gospel group. I went in all black with a goddess pendant around my neck. My sister kept insisting lightening was going to strike me at any time. I'm still alive.

The next day hubby and I ran errands while MIL watched Wild Child. When I came home my house looked like a toy store had exploded on the inside. Stuff was scattered every where and there was even food and drink on the floor. This woman didn't even bother to clean up after Wild Child or her self for that matter while we were gone. MIL kept irritating at me and kept saying I had PMS, at one point she even jumped my ass because I said something to the effect that kids were brats. MIL spoils Wild Child and undermines my authority in her presence, which really pisses me off. I told Mr. Wonderful he was going to have to do something about that or I was going to lose my cool.

On Saturday night Mr. Wonderful and I went to a Jazz concert downtown. After we were seated I met a very interesting woman sitting in front of us. She wasn't wearing any makeup and she was quite attractive. We got to talking about antiques and the rebuilding of the historic districts in our area. I found her to be very interesting and she started heavily flirting with me. Hubby then showed up and I introduced him, she was blushing and she seemed to brush off any embarrassment she might have had. When we left the concert hubby brought her up in the car and told me not to get any ideas, I laughed it off. Actually it is nice be able to be open and honest about your sexuality with someone. Mr. Wonderful does not feel the least bit intimidated by the fact I am bisexual, and finds it amusing when I actually find myself attracted to a woman. I guess he feels really secure in our relationship knowing I will stay faithful to him.

Sunday the sun came up and I was looking forward to seeing my MIL leave. She had already gotten on my last nerve with her irritating voice that seems to never shut up. She also says snide comments about me to hubby and occasionally makes snide remarks about my parenting skills. All weekend long she kept saying how the baby looked just like hubby and acted like hubby and was not like me at all. I wanted to vomit. Its obvious MIL sees me strictly as the breeder and not as wife and mother.

As for our house situation, I have better news. I spoke with the attorney on Friday and informed me that the most we would have to wait to close on the property in NC would be 4-5 weeks. My mother's Will however will have to be probated in NC, which makes no sense, but at least this will resolve the problem. The attorney hopes that they will go ahead and let us close this Friday, since this is all just a formality. I hope to know something on Monday so I can contact our builder about what direction we need to take should the closing be late May.

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