April 5, 1999

Wow, what a weekend. I was busy, engaged in the life of being a housewife, a mother, a homeowner and set out to clean up the house and yard. We raked and trimmed bushes while Wild Child drew pictures on the sidewalk with pieces of chalk. I ventured out to SAM's( a warehouse store owned by Sam Walton) to purchase groceries. The lines were long so I stopped at their book section and found a wonderful book called Simple Pleasures for the Gardner. I was completely captivated and bought it. I am hoping it will inspire me when we move into the new house and begin to landscape.

Easter was fun. We went to my dad's for Easter dinner. My sister cooked the main dishes and I cooked green beans and brought a cheesecake. After cleaning up my hubby, Wild Child and I went to V---'s so Wild child could hunt eggs. This was her first time to hunt Easter eggs and she absolutely had the greatest time looking and plundering in bushes and in flower beds to find the multi-colored eggs. I captured the moments on video, but my camera wouldn't work, so no pictures.

We didn't attend church nor even really discussed the religious aspects of Easter, or at least the Christian ones. But I did think about the first Easter I remembered. I was two, the same age as Wild Child, and my parents were separated. On Easter morning I ran into the living room and there on the coffee table sat a large basket full of goodies, candy, a chocolate rabbit, and other assorted Easter items, and a small green gideon Bible. My mother then explained to me about Jesus and what a great man he was and how he came to save us from our sins. She went on and told that he had died on cross and had risen form the dead on Easter morning and that was the real meaning of Easter, not rabbits and colored eggs. The story was fine with me, and I believed it. The only thing I didn't get was why did Jesus die every Easter for our sins, why did he when he got his life back keep going back to die on the cross. I believed for years that there was a man who actually did this year after year and didn't know otherwise until I was older.

Just something I though I'd share.

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