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July 13, 1999 Have I got some things to tell you today.

I went to visit my new neighbor Diana today. She has two children B3, and Z1, and is a stay at home mom like myself. My friend Kathy was over there with her two children too. Dianna and Kathy know each other from church and have been friends for sometime. Since Kathy was going to be in town today we decided to all get together and let the kids play and get aquainted.

The first time I met Diana, I wasn't sure if I was going to like her as a neighbor or not. Today after spending a few hours with her I realized we really have a lot in common and that she is really excited about us being neighbors. Our children are all around the same age and will probably be the best of friends. Diana also informed me of all the gossip and all the dirt on our surrounding neighbors.

I was informed today that one of my neighbors has an automatic rifle and blocked off our street threatening to shoot people with it because the gas company painted on his grass. This guy appears to be really nice. He is a stay at home dad, volunteers, and has a really nice yard. Obvioulsy though he is mentally ill and not only sits out in his yard with this very large gun but has been seen peering into peoples windows. Several neighbors have complained and are intimidated by him. I'm glad we are getting that alarm system Jeff wanted, and hopefully the privacy fence will be put up with in a couple of weeks of us moving in.


While I was at Diana's, Kathy's husband Rick came over to eat lunch with all of us. We sat around talking about the neighborhoods and when their house would be finished. (It is getting built on the street behind us.) Then all the sudden rick blurts out "Kathy your mom has been breastfeeding the baby."

I was holding the baby at the time, and my jaw fell open. I lloked at Kathy who was stunned. I then looked at Rick and said "Stop joking like that."

"I'm not joking, I walked in on her while Kathy was at a demonstration." He paused a moment, "I just couldn;t hold back anymore, I had to tell someone."

Kathy had been complaining the last few weeks that the baby had not been latching on very good and had asked me for advice. The baby is three months old, and has been an established nurser so I thought it had been something she was eating making her milk taste funny.

"Rick I can't believe you just blurted this out in front of my friends!" Kathy yelled at him.

"I thought it would be better to tell you this way."

"Have you lost your mind?! I feel like I'm going to throw-up." Kathy collapsed into a chair."Why didn;t you say something to her?"

"I was stunned, and then she went on to say she was doing it to pacify the baby." Rick was looking to me and Diana, with pleading looks of help.

*** A little background, after the sell of Kathy and Rick's house they moved in with her mother while the new house is being built. They have been living there since the baby was two weeks old.***

Kathy looked at me, "Kim could this be why the baby isn't latching on and acting like she doesn't want to nurse?"

I was having flashbacks of the Hand That Rocks the Cradle. "Ummm, well," I was hesitating with my answer.

"I can't believe this!" Kathy excliamed. "This is sick, this is not natural."

I sat there not knowing what to say. Kathy was asking me for advice, Rick was just stareing at me for an answer. I finally said, "I think you should move."

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Nothing has been fixed at the new house yet. Tomorrow I will be calling the builder to bitch.
Right now I am reading the Un-Official Guide to Walt Disney World.
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