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July 23, 1999

Reality Bites

Listening to Lord of the Dance. An excellent show to go see I might add.


My breast size shrunk. I went and got fitted for new bras today and instead of having to get DD, I ended up with D. I also shopped a little, but after looking at myself in those god awful mirrors in the dressing rooms I left. I swear they make you look fatter than you actually are.


They are finishing up putting the new flooring down at the house. Next week they will be painting and the city will come to inspect. We hope to do our walk through next Friday. I can hope, right?



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Things that irritate me and why.

Telemarketers. They always seem to call at the wrong time. It's like the know when you are going to sit down and eat your dinner or worse yet fixing to put the baby down for the night. How about those early Saturday morning calls when you want to sleep in or have sex before the morning cartoons go off? I really don't want to change my long distance, visit a time share, buy light bulbs, try your magazine for free, answer a survey, tell you who I'm going to vote for, or have the carpet cleaned. And you know what the new thing is? Calling three and four people at a time, and when you answer you get this message that says "Please stay on hold until a representative can be with you." WHAT? They called me, and they are already putting me on hold! And this sounds terrible but I hate it when the telemarketer gives this spill about being disabled, and that this is the only work they can find and could I please buy their product.

Old Folk Drivers. Yes I hate them! They can't see where they are going, drive so damn slow I could out run them, drive down the wrong side of the road, don't use turn signals, pull out in front of people and they drive these montrocities that if they do hit you, your car is going to be totaled and theirs will just have a scratch. These folks should not be on the road. Just today I was behind this little old lady who could barely see over the steering wheel, and she was going 20mph when the speed limit was 45mph. Of course if you honk they can't hear you, they either aren't wearing their hearing aids or have them turned off. My sister has been in three wrecks, each time an old person hit her because they misjudged distance or had a delayed reaction. I've seen old folk drivers run over curbs, drive on the median, turn in a direction when there is no turn, drive in the opposite direction of one way streets, and run red lights going literally 20 mph.

Customer Service over the telephone. I remember the days when you could dial your bank up, credit card company, insurance company and pharmacist and receive a live human being. Now you get a computerized voice giving you so many options that its hard to know what is what and by the time you get to the end of the menu you can't remember why you called in the first place. Yesterday I called the bank about a problem and I had to listen through three computerized menus, and had to speak with six people for my problem to be resolved. I was on the phone for over an hour. I also hate when they put you on hold and you have to listen to cheesy songs and advertisements. Who came up with this idea to replace humans and have things so impersonal? They should be tortured, forced to listen to phone menus until they kill their self from the insanity of it all.

Dog owners who don't clean up poop. Now I have a dog but we also carry along a pooper scooper and a bag to put anything she may decide to deposit while we are taking our walks. Is this really that hard to do? Absolutely not, yet I continue to see owners walking their dogs and allowing them to defecate in yards, on sidewalks, and anywhere else they please. Have they no shame? I am tempted to shit in a bag one day and dump it in their yard, or even get incredibly bold and go squat right their own the sidewalk that goes up to their door. I bet they wouldn't appreciate it, but they might get the message.

People who lie when the truth would sound better. Lately I have been encountering this a lot. Unless its life or death, be honest. There is no reason to lie, plus you never know the person you are lying to may no it.

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