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July 27, 1999



Listening to Jann Arden.


Wishing I were in bed since I didn't get home until two in the morning.



Thankful that I have only eight more days till closing.


Hoping more of you will join the notify list!


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Tomorrow's Entry

The last few nights I have been going over to Stacy's house and helping her put her journal up onto the web, its going slowly but in a week or so it should be up and running. While I have been there I have been smoking. This is not good, and if Jeff finds out he is going to be really angry with me. I quit right before we started dating and have cheated a few times, but mainly I have been quit for almost seven years now. The thing is I hate, despise smoking but I can definitely see the addiction of it. I know par tof the reason I've been smoking is because of that damn house and how stressed out about how long it is taking to complete. Hopefully this is the last week and next week I will be moving in. Have I mentioned how crazy I feel living among boxes everywhere and my things strung out all over the house?

Another thing that is going on is this bridal shower I am planning for the weekend after we move in. I know I will be throwing it together at the last minute. I needed to mail out the invitations on monday but since I do not even have the invitations yet that didn;t get done. I'm hoping to get the invitations sometime this week and mail them on friday. She only has fifteen people on the invitation list, and I was thinking more along the lines of 25 people, so in some ways a smaller party will be easier to pull off. I still haven't got her a gift yet either. I'm really not sure if I should get her a place setting of her fine china or crystal. I have two showers to go to after this that I have already purchased smaller inexpensive gifts for. The theme of the shower I am giving her is "Southern Hospitality" and I plan on having a traditional southern menu, a fancy cake, served with homeade lemonade and ice tea. all served of course on fine china and the us of my mother's good silver.

I haven't felt like writing lately. I'm feeling drained. I'm sorry.

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