May 8, 1999

Jeff took me to the greatest concert tonight. It was Billy McLauglin and he is a wonderful acoustic guitar player. This is my fourth time to see him in concert. Actually tonight was more like a small informal gathering. There were only about 110 people present, and he was not accompanied by his band. I would encourage any one to check out Billy's music. You can just click on Billy's name and it will take you to his site, where you can check out how awesome he is! He has a new album out too, and even though I don't have it yet, I'm sure I will be getting it real soon. I do however have all his other records.

V--- watched Wild Child for us tonight. I begged because it was such short notice and when we got here she seemed to be okay with watching Wild Child. I had run by a local fast food chain and grabbed a kid meals for Wild Child to eat. When she started to eat V--'s dog kept jumping on WC and trying to get her food. Of course this started WC crying and screaming at the dog. He was violating her space and trying to take her food. On several occasions he has eaten her food or stolen it from him. V--- didn't do anything about the dog, and just complained about the WC crying pleads. This aggravated me so I took WC out onto the porch to eat her meal. Evidently V--- said something to Jeff in the house about her watching WC and then made some rude comment about us finding another sitter who didn't have a dog and that Wild child's crying was getting on her nerves. She also said that if we wanted her to keep WC anymore it was going to have to be on her terms. Then V--- came out onto the porch and made some similar comments to me, and tried to explain to her that her dog was invading Wild Child's space and trying to steal her food. So V---, who had evidently picked my keys up off the counter threw them on the ground and said maybe we needed to take Wild Child home and forget the whole thing since I had problem with her dog.

Jeff wanted to leave, and take Wild child with us. There was no way we could have found a sitter on that short of notice. The concert was an hour away. He then said he would watch the baby and I could go alone, something I really didn't want to do. I wanted to go with him, he had bought the tickets and I didn't want to waste one. I told him that V--- was just throwing one of her fits and that we leave Wild Child with her. After WC was finished eating I took her back in and found V--- in the back yard, and I asked her if it was okay to leave her. She made a smart remark "If you approve?" and I said "Yes, I approve, why wouldn't I?" She didn't say anything else and I left.

I got an ear full in the car. Jeff bitched about V--- the whole way there, siting how he didn't feel comfortable leaving the baby with her and how pissed he was at how she talked to us. I started cry. I couldn't believe how aggravated I was over the whole situation, and I hoped V--- wouldn't treat Wild child any differently then she normally does. So we talked about finding a sitter, a regular one, so we no longer have to rely on V--- any more. When we picked up Wild Child she was happy and said she had a good time. V--- said she was good and that she had taken her out to see some friends. V--- acted alright and we thanked her, and she just kinda nodded her head like "fine".

Jeff doesn't understand my relationship with V--- at all. We have been friends for half of our lives and I consider her family. I think he is jealous of the closeness we share and the fact we can talk and discuss anything. Jeff and V--- have always had a love hate relationship and they both irritate each other. She has tremendous respect for him and he for her, but their personalities clash. I was hoping after 6 and a half years of being together hey would be used to each other. Guess I was wrong.


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