May 9, 1999 My Mother's Day Entry

I love to fantasize. And this Mother's Day I gave some though to a question once asked of me.

If you could pick nine mother's to have over for Mother's Day dinner who would you invite and why?

My answer:

Madonna would definitely be on my list. To go from material girl to mommy is a wonder in itself. I'd also like to hear how motherhood has changed her, and if she would like to have more children.

Cher is a personal favorite. I love her music, her style, and her boldness. I would like to pick her brain on feminism and what it was like finding out her daughter was a lesbian. Now in her fifties and full of wisdom, I would like to know if she would do anything differently.

The next two moms I would ask, are a couple, Melissa Ethridge and her lover(her name escapes me). They have two children and I think their family is incredibly interesting. I would tried to avoid the "father" question, but I would definitely want to know how they maintain a balance between the yin and the yang.

Whoopie Goldberg, is one of my favorite actress'. She was a single mother and then her daughter had a child at a very young age. Also her humor would be a great addition to the atmosphere of the dinner.

Hillary Clinton would be a must at any dinner party. I would want to hear all about her personal life with Bill and how Chelsea is coping with the scandal. I'd also like to hear how as a mother and wife this made her feel and how she talked to Chelsea about such a delicate and personal issue as adultery.

I'd also ask non-famous women as well. There is a particular woman who lives down the street, Mrs. F, who has three children, practices attachment parenting, is a vegetarian, and appears to be the perfect homemaker. She is one of the women I stand in awe of. I wonder how she does it every day, how she balances it all and how she makes time for herself.

Another non-famous mom that I would ask to the dinner would be a woman named Rebecca Prewitt. She has her own web site discussing parenting and religious issues. She has six children and her experience, her faith is encouraging to me. I think she would be insightful to any discussion that would be had over dinner.

The last person I would want at dinner would be my mom. She died last year the day after Mother's Day and I would love to see her smile, hear her voice and get her opinion on the choices I have made in the past year.

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