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July 17, 1999

A Review of Eyes Wide Shut



































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Eyes Wide Shut     Directed by Stanley Kubrick

Starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

Last night my husband and I went to see the film Eyes Wide Shut. We were expecting a hot erotic film, like Nine and Half Weeks, but encountered something totally different. While we really enjoyed film, and thought it was well worth our money to go see in a theater, those around us thought it was horrible and didn't understand the story line. Eyes Wide Shut isn't for everyone and I would say that the average viewing audience is either not going to understand the plot or get lost mid-way through the film.

Eyes wide Shut is wonderfully directed by Stanley Kubrick. The artist quality of the film is excellent, giving a sense to the viewer that they are actually there in the film. This is something hard to accomplish with film but Mr. Kubrick does a wonderful job of bringing the viewer into the film, making the lives of Bill and Alice become all to real. My husband and I noticed that this was a great turn off to most of the viewing audience.  The realistic view of an upper middle class family and their marriage makes the film seem personal, giving a feeling that there is an invasion of privacy. The audience is given insight into the thoughts, feelings and desires of Bill and Alice, that many married couples may relate to.

Eyes Wide Shut opens with Alice(Nicole Kidman) getting ready in the bathroom for a party. Bill (Tom Cruise)is talking to her during the process and even comes into the bathroom while she is urinating on the toilet. Immediately the movie becomes personal and realistic to the viewer. The next twenty minutes of the film works on bringing you full circle into their lives and their relationship. During this part of the movie I was starting to feel bored, and so did my husband, but it's in these scenes that the foundation of the movie is laid. Though it has a slow paced beginning, the rest of the movie is involving and intriguing.

The artistic quality of the film many viewers will not appreciate. There are no special effects or high-powered action scenes. Stanley Kubrick focused on simplicity when directing the film and focusing more on the characters and their personal yearnings and desires. If you are into show and pizzazz this may not be the film for you.

I'll admit I was expecting steamy love scenes between Tom and Nicole, but I was disappointed with the cut version of the one love scene between the characters Bill and Alice. Though it does give an erotic and personal appeal, this particular love scene is tame compared to other films I've seen. There is however plenty of nudity and an orgy. To be honest I  was so intrigued by what was going on with the characters during the orgy scenes that I really wasn't focused on the sex acts. This could be due to the fact that this part of the film was cut for American audiences to keep its rated R rating.

If the movie goer wants to see a film that is intriguing, honest, and makes the characters come to life then I would definitely recommend Eyes Wide Shut. For those of you wanting to see this movie in hopes of seeing hot sex scenes and erotica, you will be disappointed and will probably not understand the depth of the plot.

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