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July 19, 1999 Lightening Strikes I had the shit literally scared out of me last night. I went to Stacy's house to load something onto her new computer, and to get away for a few hours. While I was there she put in she wanted to get a Banana Split Blizzard from the DQ. It was sprinkling outside, a storm was approaching and it was lightening outside. We got into the car and were in just a few minutes when her car was struck by lightening. We both screamed at the top of our lungs because the car shook and the noise of it hitting sounded like a gun going off right near our heads. When we got out to see what damage was done to the car, lightening was still flashing all around. I was screaming hysterically for us to go back inside.

Strange things like that happen to me all the time. I'm starting to think I'm cursed or that maybe the gods are trying to tell me something. My husband always comments about lights coming on when I walk by. I've been noticing this for about nine years now, and keep reminding myself its a coincidence. Have you ever noticed lights in parking lots or walk ways that are off, but you know there is power going to them? Well, when I walk under lights like that they come on, or when I walk by. Same thing happens with those lamps that you have to touch to turn on. I walk by they come on. It gives me the willies. My husband seems to think there is a scientific reason for this happening, like I have some type of eletrical field or something. I know, I know you think I'm probably bull shitting about this but I swear I'm not.


This morning I was awoken by the doorbell, Airborne Express was delivering a package. It was my FREE video cam for the computer I recieved from Earthlink. If you want to know how I got it email me and I'll let tell you the details.

I'm really excited about getting the video cam, though I am not sure if I will use it along with the journal. Jeff is not too thrilled with the idea so right now thats up in the air. My friend K--- will be moving in a few months after she gets married so this will be a cool tool for us to see each other and talk since she has a video cam. I know I want to try this video confrencing thing out, and meet friends online. I will not be setting it up until after we move though. No use in getting it out to play with to have to put it right back up.

Well its raining here, I better get off here before I get struck by lightening again.

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Tons of things to do today:

Mail off for the Actimates Barney

Mail off several refunds.

Wash my clothes.

Place ad to sell old baby items.

Paint small chest of drawers for Wild Child's new room.

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