grocery list day

September 26, 1999

Saturday my mother-in-law dropped off the oldest brother-in-law and my nephew for Jeff to drive back to Shreveport. We were glad they arrived by eight o'clock and Jeff was able to go ahead and get on the road.

It was my mother-in-law's birthday so we went out for lunch at the Longhorn and drove to the outlet center to do some shopping. I really needed to get Elizabeth some shoes and a costume for Halloween and luckily I found both. At the Disney Catalog Outlet I bought a Eeyore costume for only $5. I really wanted a Pooh costume but they had sold out. My mother-in-law also bought a few things while we were out and then we headed back home.

By this time I needed to escape and walked down to the Cool's house. They were getting ready to go to the Greek Festival and invited me to go along. I jumped at the chance to get a night out without Elizabeth and Jeff! My MIL was excited about spending the evening with Elizabeth alone and so off I went.

I was disappointed in the Greek Festival. The food was good, but they were completely out of the breads and pastries. We missed most of the performances and the shop they had set up didn't have anything left. I did get to take a tour of the Greek Orthodox church which was beautiful. Afterwards I went home with the Cools, where we laughed and talked until midnight.


I  believe this entry sucks.