The most profound virtue

September 24,1999

"Give birth to them and noursih them,                            But do not possess them.

Help them know that they are not dependent on you.

Guide them but do not control them,                                  This is the most profound virtue.      

On Sagehood and Cultivating Life

Tao-te Ching

I'm thinking about having the above framed and hung in the foyer of our new home. Of all the parenting books I have read, and all the advice I have gotten over the last two and half years I believe the above words of wisdom is the best advice on how to parent a child. My wish is that other parents parented their children with this in mind. I think we would have less abuse, and probably more confident young people today.

I went to the park again this morning with Elizabeth and our next door neighbors, Mrs. Beater and her two children. I've been trying to really reach out to my neighbor who I believe has poor parenting and coping skills as a parent. Not only does she hit the three year old but the fifteen month old on a regular daily basis. She and her husband also use religion to try and control and manipulate their behavior. She has called me several times in the last eight weeks to help her out because she can not "control" her children and they are geting on her last nerve. I often feel sorry for the children and wish that this mother would get over herself and open her mind to other styles of parenting.

Today at the park she barely spoke to me though. Not even small talk or conversations about the children. I think she is upset because I flat out told her the other day I do not believe in a judeo-christian god. She flipped out and started lecturing me. Since then she has become distant and barely speaks unless she wants or needs something from me. :::sigh:::


I'm not having much luck with any of my neighbors. The Cool neighbors and our family were getting together tonight to go to the Greek Festival. I had never been and was really excited to go. They are a really fun couple and Jeff and I were looking forward to getting to spend some time with them. Evidently something happened, they ahd a huge argument, we didn't go.