Under The Moon

The Cast of Characters In My Life

It's finally here, a character list for my journal. It took me some time to get it uploaded but here it is in black and white.




Who I Am


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Jeff (previously known as Mr. Wonderful) - my husband. Currently Jeff is a inner city highschool teacher and it working on a graduate degree in Computer Science. Everyday that we are together I learn something new. That's what happens when you get engaged after six weeks of dating and a marry a few short months later.

Elizabeth (previously known as Wild Child) - our daughter. Elizabeth is almost three years old (Feb.3) and is constantly challenging me as a parent and a person. She is an only child who loves Blues Clues, Barney, building with legos, putting puzzles together, drawing and chasing the cats around the house. On November the 1st I will begin Montessori homeschooling.

The Cats: Barney our very fat, gray tabby disappeared, but we still have Cali, our evil calico. We recently added several more kitties, only one of which we are going to keep: Thunder, a long hair silver kitten, Boots the mother cat we found dumped in our neighborhood and her three kittens, Magick, Boo, and Spook.

Stacy: We've been the best of friends since we were eleven years old. She currently has her own online journal Insanity's Place.

Andra: We've been really great friends since our sophomore year in highschool. We lost touch but when my brother was murdered in 1996 she called me and rekindled our friendship.

Kathy: Another friend of mine who is building a house in the neighborhood behind ours. Andra is building there too so they will be neighbors. Kathy, like me is very opinionates, I'm surprised we've became friends in 1997, she is very conservative and I'm very liberal.

V---: Formerly Elizabeth's godmother and who I believed to be my very best friend in this world. She is now known as the ice princess for her cold hearted attitude.

Kim and Trey: Kim and I have been friends since we were fourteen years old. she recently married Trey and moved to Birmingham. They are now Elizabeth's godparents. Kim and I have had similar things happen in our lives. Her sister and my sister are the same age, her brother is the same age as my brother, and we are the same age. Our fathers worked for the same company and were laid off at the same time, we went to the same church and were in the same Sunday school class when we were five and didn't know it. Our mothers died 12 weeks apart. There is more but too much to mention.

MsEm: my niece. she is my brother's child and her mother is K---.

Ed (or dad, step-dad): My crazy step father. He has mental problems and wasn't the best dad while growing up but he was all we had. Now he's greatly improved as a father since we are older.

Leo (or sperm donor): My real father who is still alive and has Crohns disease. We reunited when my brother was murdered. For two years I tried to keep the relationship going, only to find out he had not changed and was still lying and disappointing me.

Kasey: My half sister, nineteen years old. I met her when she was sixteen for the first time. She looks just like Tim.

Tim: My brother who was murdered in 1996.

The Cools: neighbors who live down the street who just had their first child together. She and I have become fast friends. They like to party and do all kinds of fun things.

The Beaters: my next door neighbors. Got their name because they spank their children everyday. They are very religious and look down on everyone who does not believe as they do.