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So you want to know about me? Well I got some interesting things to say.

I am a woman, a mother and a wife.

I've worked all kind of jobs in my life. I've been a waitress, a chef, a restaurant manager, a maid, a delivery driver, I've worked with children and families, I've been a cashier and a party hostess, I've been in sales, and I have also cut up chickens in a poultry plant, and I've done child care. I also attempted to sell Tupperware. When I was skinny I was offered a job as a stripper, something I actually entertained.

I love all kinds of music, but especially music from women that have meaning to their lyrics. Tori Amos is a favorite, the Indigo Girls, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Fiona Apple, Jann Arden, Ani Difranco not to mention many more.


Some of my hobbies include photography. I shoot about 60 rolls of film of year. My camera recently broke and it is driving me nuts notbein able to photograph the Wild Child. I enjoy taking pictures of my child and also headstones in cemeteries.  I also enjoy reading and studying various topics. My favorite topics of study are women's health, women's history, sociology of the family, marriage, and religion, theology, and paganism. I am fascinated with paganism and eastern religions.

I have a great marriage and wonderful husband. He's a teacher and is working on a graduate degree in Computer Science. Recently we moved into a new home that we had built.We've been married six years, and have a daughter, nicknamed Wild Child. He is also a musician and is really into health and fitness. We are trying to concieve another child at this time.

A few facts about my life:

My sign is Taurus.

My favorite color is green.

I color my hair.

I am 5'10, and so is my husband.

I consider myself bisexual, but I have never had sex with a woman.

I was raised in a fundamentalist Christian home, so was my husband.

I am a middle child and so is my husband.

I have a strong sex drive, and I lost my virginity in a cemetery. I've had sex in very public places.

I've slept nude since I was twelve.

I hardly ever wear shoes or a bra.

I love cats.

I do not use birthcontrol and I am well versed in Fertility Awareness.

My brother was murdered in 1996.

I did a talk show about his disappearance and murder. I also did the news, three newspaper interviews, and numerous radio interviews.

My mother died of a very rare form of cancer called Leiomyosarcoma on May 11, 1998. I've studied this disease intensely and if a search engine brought you here and would like info about this disease, support, and treatment. I am always available to talk.

I have a uterine deformity, bicornate uterus, and it is shaped like a heart with a septum. I had to have c-section because of this.

My favorite soaps are As the World Turns and Guiding Light. My favorite TV shows are "a Baby's Story" shown on TLC, ER on NBC, Friends on NBC, and I enjoy watching old sitcoms.

I know all the words to the songs sung on Barney.

I breastfed for 20months. I think homebirth should be legal in all fifty states.

I use herbs and try to avoid medication. I believe in alternative ways of healing and following inner wisdom.

I'm manipulative, deceiving, bitchy, opinionated, loyal and self sacrificing. I have no problem admitting I am wrong or saying I'm sorry.

The most important life lesson I ever learned is that family means everything, even the family you chose(like close friends) and should always cherish the moments you have with them.