Danger Lurks    September 19, 1999

I'm not sure if I should discuss this here or if I should just let this stay hidden. something has happened in my family that seems more tragic then the death of my mother or the death of my brother.
My husband has discouraged me from writing about this, but I think that to be true to my writing and true to myself I should write about what has been happening. one of my nephews has been sexually abused. this has caused a lot of upheaval in my sisters life, and she may have to quit her job to deal with the situation at hand. We have rallied around her and her husband and we are hoping we can find out who did this to him. Currently CPS is investigating the situation, due to some inappropriate sexual behavior that happened at school between my nephew and some other children.
You can imagine my shock.I have no idea what the long term effects are going to be on our family but there is already some tension. My sister works full time and my nephew is on long term suspension until this is resolved. No other private schools will accept him as a student and the public schools in our area do not have to accept him because he legally does not have to be in school. This has caused her to lose a lot of time from work and she has asked me to baby-sit several times in the last few weeks. I'm not sure how to tell her but I don't want to baby-sit him. Not just because of this situation, but because he is undisciplined. I have just got my life moving in the right direction. I'm making new friends,developing a homeschooling program for my daughter, writing more and putting more energy into keeping up my home. Jeff is gone five days a week and six hours on the weekend, so my time with him is precious. I just do not want to be tied down to a child that has emotional and discipline problems. Due to my upcoming doctor appointments and this wedding I have been able to "get out of it". What's going to happen in a few weeks when I have no more excuses and the wedding is over?


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