For Better or For Worse

October 2, 1999

It's been a long but wonderful day.

Some of the highlights of the last 24 hours:

Elizabeth did not do well at rehearsal. She refused to go down the aisle or even get near the ring bearer.

At the rehearsal dinner, I cried three times. The first time was when the groom's father gave a toast and publicly blessed the couples union and said how much the loved the bride and how happy they were their son was with someone like her. The second time was when the groom toasted his bride to be and read aloud a proclamation of his love -- he was crying and couldn't even finish. The third time was when the couple gave each attendants a gift. I received a beautiful engraved jewelry box with a necklace inside -- it was a strand with one pearl.

The rehearsal dinner was awful but the wine was good.

I woke up by eight to get ready for the wedding. My makeup and hair was perfect for a change. In fact my hair has still not fallen and it is almost nine PM.

I didn't wear a bra up under my dress because you could see it.

Elizabeth looked beautiful and once we arrived at the church she wanted to practice going down the aisle carrying her basket of roses.

Elizabeth refused to pose for pictures.

Before the ceremony the bride's aunt brought in fried onions and mushrooms for us to eat. Yum.

Elizabeth refused to walk down the aisle and had to sit in the cry room with Jeff. She fell asleep.

I cried because I looked at the groom and he was crying as his bride walked down the aisle.

The reception was a blast! Lots of booze, food and dancing.

I cried right before the bride left because I was sad! Kim has been one of my best friends since I was 14 years old and she is moving away. We have been like sisters and I will miss her dearly. I begged her now husband to please bring her back as often as possible. I have a feeling my long distance bills are going to sky rocket.

I'm really tired, I think I better go on to bed.


























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