Crisp autumn days

October 20, 1999


After fighting with Tripod all day I finally got all my pages to upload. Whenever I have problems with my free web space I run to Jeff begging him to let me get my own domain. Last night as we watched Deep Impact I gave him a list of reason as to why I needed my own domain space.

1. I have almost used all my free web space tripod allows and will probably have to upgrade my account that I have to pay for in a few weeks.

2.With my own domain, we could divide into several parts, one for my personal use(the journal), a family oriented site, and a page with his resume.

3.My journal is my outlet and is important to me and it would mean a lot to me if I was able to do more with it and not have to worry about violating a terms of service agreement that you often receive with free space.

Right now things are looking hopeful towards getting my own domain. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Of course all this talk about getting my own domain has sparked my interest into learning HTML again and learning to code my own pages. I'm using Front Page right now and I am pretty content with it. It's easy and user friendly and I can imagine less time consuming. I've taken a few suggestions from fellow journalers on diary-l and will be looking into them. I don't want to be a pussy forever.


Mrs. Cool is at the hospital having her baby. In case I haven't told you I've been thinking she has been mad at me for the last week. I'm not sure why, but I was getting  bad vibes. She asked me to take care of her baby when she goes back to work and I agreed. One because the extra money would come in handy for decorating the house or for fertility drugs and secondly because she is only going back to work for six months. For some reason I am getting the feeling that she and her husband have changed their minds and she doesn't know how to tell me. She criticized the fact that I got another cat, even though I had two when she asked me to take care of the baby and on two different occasions she has mentioned a daycare someone told her about. I casually said that if she felt better putting him in a daycare that was up to her and I'm sure she would make the right decision. However I wish she would just go ahead and tell me one way or the other. It would be nice to have the extra money but it's not something that I have to do or that I'll be totally devastated if she tells me that they have changed their mind. I just would like time to prepare by bringing over the crib from the old house and setting up the swing, not to mention discuss what we both expect from one another.

I am excited about a new baby being on the block and introducing him to Elizabeth. Hopefully all these new mothers and pregnant women will rub off on me and I can soon be a part of that club.

The last two nights I have spent some time talking to my new neighbor Rebecca who is like a female Jeff. Once we start talking we can't seem to shut up. I found out that we are the same age and have several things in common. Her husband, Jon, is hilarious. He is very outspoken, funny and loud and when he is around he makes you laugh until you pee on yourself. I really think they are going to be great neighbors and I hope that she and I will become fast friends. She seems like a kindred spirit.


Tonight on our way out to eat Jeff and I came up on two small cats about 8 months old and a four-five week old kitten that had been dumped off at the end of a street in our neighborhood. I begged Jeff to help me rescue them and when I got out of the car and reached for the little kitten it ran into a drainage pipe. I was so angry with myself because I'm sure the little thing didn't survive. Jeff even opened up the man hole and looked down into it and could not see it anywhere because if it was alive we were going to call the fire department to rescue it. The two other cats were side by side, snuggling and rubbing all over each other and were the same size. They had similar markings too except one was gray and white and the other black and white. We went on to dinner and the entire time I bitched about how irresponsible and immoral people were for abandoning their pets.

On the way home we stopped back at the same place and I called for them to come. They both came and rubbed against my legs, purring like motor boats. Jeff suggested that in order to get them to our house that we lure them into the pet carrier with some food and bring them home. This is easier said than done. We dropped Elizabeth back at the house and our neighbor, Mrs. Beater, came over to while we went around the corner on our rescue mission. We were able to get the black and white cat in right away but the gray one took a little more coaxing, we open the door to put the gray one in and out ran the black one. Then the gray one starts meowing at the top of its lung. We tried several times to get the black cat in to the carrier but we failed. The black cat took off and ran in to the woods. I left it some food and Jeff said it was time to get back to the house and we would try again tomorrow. Its cooler than normal here tonight at 56 degrees so I hope the cat finds a nice warm place to sleep for the night.

At home we released the gray cat into the garage. She is beautiful but very frail looking. Her tits are enlarged and they felt hot to the touch when I examined her. She is very thin looking and you can feel all her bones but her belly seems a little bloated. I'm not sure if that is from lack of food or water or if she is pregnant. She is still a young cat herself and is very small. I think Jeff wants to keep her but we really don't need three cats. I'm going to ask around and see if someone would like to have her, I am also going to call the SPCA and see if I can take her to a vet that will see her at a reduced rate. I'm willing to give her the basic shots and have her spayed but I really can't afford all the other shots and tests that she needs.

I decided to let her into the house and Thunder is going nuts. He is following her all around and trying to pounce her in all his fierceness. She is ignoring him. I don't think she has ever been indoors before. She saw herself in a  mirror I have propped up on the floor and she was really checking herself out. I think I may call her Vanity until we decide what we are going to do with her.


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