11.25.99 Dysfunctional World

Whoever coined the phrase that Disney World was the happiest place on earth must have been smoking crack. Just a few things I witnessed today made me think twice about parents in general and why some people should not be allowed to breed.

1. While standing in line parents yelled, talked nasty, and called their children names.

2. Parents made empty threats that if their children did not obey they would take them out of the park.

3. Parents threatened to beat their children.

4. Some parents actually hit their children for one reason or another.

5. Parents dragging children from ride to ride until said child was passed out or crying because they were so exhausted.

6. Parents fighting amongst themselves, cussing, and calling each other foul names.

Now I just don't understand why you would bring your child to the so called happiest place on earth and then act like stupid white trash, possibly scaring or leaving your child(ren) with bad memories of their vacation. As you can imagine I said a few snide remarks to parents and gave plenty of dirty looks while we stood in line for attractions.

Luckily we were able to ride most of the rides we had planned for the day and after lunch headed back home for a nap and to drop-off our dad who didn't want to go back later on that afternoon. Elizabeth had a great time and didn't cry or get scared on anything we rode. That night we went back minus my dad to see the fireworks and ride some more attractions. I'm really glad we choose to do this because we didn't have to wait in line to ride anything, even the more popular rides and we were able to see the fireworks show that was really spectacular.


Last night I finally was able to meet Bobbi. I wasn't nervous at all, in fact I was excited at the prospect of meeting someone in real life that I had met online. When we pulled into the neighborhood she was staying in I was very impressed that the place we rented from had given her a really nice house with a good view. When she opened the door, the first thing that came to mind was that her picture on her journal does not give her justice. Bobbi radiated and she was beautiful, and she was like what I had expected, sweet and bubbly and a talker like myself. We talked about our vacations and the journal community and she was able to meet K---, and I was able to meet her husband and daughter which was even cooler! Her husband wasn't anything like what I had expected from what I had read in her entries. K--- and I bummed some cigs off of her (yes I sneaked me a smoke) and K--- and I both remarked at how much Bobbi's daughter looked and acted like her. Before I knew it two hours had passed by and it was time for us to leave, of course Bobbi got some pictures of me before I left. On the way home I realized that I had left my backpack at her house. Oh Shit! I thought and I had to turn around and drive all the way back to get it. I just knew she was thinking I was some absent minded twit.

Highlights from today:

Watching Elizabeth light up when she rode Dumbo

Seeing The Lion King puppetry show, it was excellent

The Haunted mansion was on eof my favorite rides of the day


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