11.26.99 And Then There Was Magic

The second day at the Magic Kingdom was the happiest we spent at Walt Disney World. For the day, we split into two groups, my sister's family going in there direction and the rest of us in ours. My dad who was overly exhausted decided to stay back at the house and rest but would accompany us later on in the day for our character meal.

Upon entering we ate breakfast at a bakeshop on Main Street and then strolled over to look at Cinderella's castle. MsEm wanted desperately to see Cinderella but she was no where to be found, then off we went to Fantasy Land, where we rode Dumbo a second time and MsEm went to meet Ariel and get her autograph. It was nice to not be rushed and we spent the morning hours riding rides and visiting Mickey's Toontown Fair where Elizabeth road her first roller coaster. The entire 45 second ride she screamed that she wanted OFF! I tried to take pictures but I don't know if they will turn out. Then we we decided to leave and have lunch at Downtown Disney and shop for a few hours before meeting up with everyone at our character meal dinner.

The day was going perfectly until we met up with my sister's heathens and her husband. First her youngest child pooped all over himself right before we got on the ferry that goes tot the Magic Kingdom. He's five years old and been potty trained for over two years, and he did it when we were standing less than ten feet from a bathroom. Her husband went to clean him off and threw his underwear in the trash and when he asked her for his extra set of clothes she said she forgot them. Then he complained he couldn't clean all the shit off the child. By this time, we were running late for our character meal that we had priority seating for. On the ferry we could all smell the child. He stuck like nasty sewer shit too. You could hardly breathe when he came near you. At one point Jeff was even gagging, and my sister and her husband didn't seem to care. In fact they fought on the ferry in front of everyone just like common trash. I couldn't believe what they were doing and once we were at the Magic Kingdom you would think it would stop but it didn't.

Once we were at our character meal we had a blast. Elizabeth was a little intimidated by the characters however. When Chip and Dale came out she started crying "Giant Squirrels" as they came near her and told us she was scared. I imagine at two years old seeing two chipmunks three times your size could be a little intimidating. We got through dinner without any bitching and complaining and then we went to meet Mickey at Toontown Fair. We waited forty minutes to get a few brief moments with him, but it was well worth it to see Elizabeth's face and how excited she was to see him. She even hugged him and sat in his lap. I took at least a dozen pictures. Then after that we just walked around and shopped, and let the older kids ride a few more rides. After riding the roller coaster, Elizabeth was not interested in riding anymore rides so I'm really glad we chose to do that ride last.

I'm glad that this trip is almost over. I can't wait to get home to my own bed, my cats, and to better tasting water.





Highlights from today:

seeing Elizabeth's face light up when she met Mickey Mouse

shopping at downtown Disney

riding Dumbo the second time and only having to wait in line ten minutes


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