December 14, 1999

Hairy Days


Reading: Who has time to read with all the people coming in and out of the house

Listening: To dog barking

Eating: Lasagna

Drinking: Wine


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There is so much damn dog hair on my floors. My aunt's dog, an all black Pekinese, is shedding all over my light carpet. Not only is he shedding but he is also pissing on my floors. The dog is old and decrepit and probably needs to be put to sleep but she insists that he is happy and healthy. What is sad is that the dog falls down all the time and has trouble walking and refuses to eat most days.

I wish I could say things have settled down since my aunt's arrival but they haven't. Friends and relatives have been coming in and out of the house, and I feel like my home has been invaded.  My mother-in-law is coming at the end of the week to stay for four days and I know by next Monday I am going to feel slightly insane and will probably be sneaking myself a pack of cigarettes.

My sister and her heathens came for dinner tonight. I cooked a lasagna, and she was supposed to bring the bread and salad. She forgot the salad, which I suspected that she would leave something behind. We snickered when my aunt wasn't looking about the dog, and how old and feeble he is. As long as he doesn't die while she is here, I keep telling myself. The heathens actually were mild compared to other times they have been to my house. I think sis threatened to beat them to death of they acted up.

Tonight my paternal grandmother, MawMaw, called. I have not talked to her in a year, and was a little surprised to hear from her, since I had not given my phone number or address to anyone on my "real" father's side of the family. I was happy to hear from her and she wanted my new address to send us a little something for Christmas. She also told me that my "real" dad was in very poor health (what's new) and that he had hardly worked all year and was thinking of retiring. MawMaw will be in Savannah until the first week of February so I will be taking Elizabeth and MsEm  sometime in January to see her. She has never seen MsEm, and I want to give them a chance to meet before MawMaw dies -- which could happen at any time since she has a bad heart.