April 26, 1999



Mr. Wonderful had oral surgery. I was surprised that it only took an hour and that he only had to be in recovery 15-20 minutes. He was pretty drugged. The oral surgeon's office was pretty empty so while I waited in the receptionist area I read from my book.

Driving home was a hoot. He kept trying to tell me jokes, slurring the words and spitting everywhere. His jaw was almost swollen shut. He kept saying he didn't want to go home because his mom was at our house. We went o the pharmacy first and picked up his medication and then to TCBY because they said he had to eat before he took the narcotics. After eating half of his yogurt he threw up in the truck. YUCK. It took everything in me not to puke too.

Once home I was able to get some food down his throat and I went to give him the narcotics when I decided I would read about all the side effects from the medication. Glad I did, the narcotics had aspirin in them and he is allergic. I called the doctor's office and explained they were going to have to give him something else for pain. The nurse didn't want to call in another prescription, and implied I was just trying to get more narcotics. I finally screamed at her "IF he takes that, a simple surgery is going to turn into a catastrophe, like DEATH." She called Ken, our pharmacist and prescribed something else. Ken apologized saying he should have caught it since our allergies are kept on file in the computer. I offered to return the meds that we didn't need but he said it was illegal for him to take them. Oh well.




My mother in law drives me frigging nuts. She kept hovering over hubby, which really pissed him off, and let Wild Child do what ever she pleased, this means coloring all over the printer and the office walls. The point of her coming was so she could watch Wild Child while I took care of Mr. Wonderful. This fails to be the case. She watches her alright, watches her destroy and then rewards her behavior with laughter and tickles form Grandma.

I was able to escape for a couple of hours though. I went to my friend Kitty's house, she just had a baby, and ooooed and ahhhhed over her new little one. I got the fever from just a few moments of holding. I WANT another BABY. I must be crazy, and after having four negative pregnancy test this week which I was glad about, this is something new for me to ponder.



YES! Mothernlawhellll had ended. She left late afternoon, and so hubby and I were able to have some peace. I escaped for a few hours to be alone, going by the house we are building to take pictures, and to snoop in someones house behind me, also still under construction. I read in the paper that morning that an OLD OLD boyfriend bought a house behind us and I was curious to what it looked liked. Yes, I realize I am a nosey person, but that can come in handy at times.

I also took Wild Child to Spawn of Satan's birthday party. E--- was there sporting two new lovers(yes they were both there) and she had rearranged her apartment because Spawn had been peeing off the balcony.

I think I'll leave you on that note.