Oops, the cat is out of the bag

September 22, 1999


Who noticed that in yesterday's entry, I slipped and put Wild Child's real name in the entry? Yes, my daughter's name is Elizabeth, Elizabeth Johanna to be exact. Since I have been online I have kept her name under wraps, and when I realized this morning that I had slipped in yesterday's entry I felt a little uneasy. All morning I thought about it and concluded that if someone really wanted to hurt me or my family they could do so. Its not like I don't use my real name, and I have repeatedly told people that I live on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. Do you know how much coast Alabama has? Not very much. Just look on a map and you could easily figure out where I live.

So I went ahead and changed the name...

Yesterday I got this wild hair up my ass to go ahead and change the name of my journal and the look. I needed something that was more of a reflection of who I am and where I am at in my life. Journey and Destination was more of a reminder of where I have been -- mourning my mother, doubting my faith, and reconciling past relationships. I'm getting older, I have a family and I have talents that I have been neglecting for some time. I want to get back to writing. My journal online has helped me realize that I still have it in me, I still have the passion for it.

Evil Kitty

I made a huge mistake when my friend Kim, the bride, had to get rid of her cat and I offered to take it. A beautiful calico one year old cat, full of energy and that had had all her shots plus been spayed, I said "sure, why not". A few weeks later Kim brought Cally to come live with us and then my nightmare began. I was assured that this cat was friendly, she is not and I have the long deep scratches in my arms to prove it. I was told she was litter box trained, she isn't and she has left piles of poop on my brand new carpet. This cat has long hair, but I was promised that "she barely sheds". Some areas of the house look like we have cat hair rugs. Did I mention this cat meows all the damn time? I've thought about giving her away or letting her out of the house to see if she will not return. I'm a cat person and never in my whole life has a cat irritated me so much.

A Piece of meat?

My husband's recent complaint is that he feels like a piece of meat. I think its all the sex we have been having trying to get pregnant. According to Taking Charge of Your Fertility and the Couple to Couple League, every other night should do the trick. Well, that is not entirely true, it's supposed to be every other night during the fertile period. He doesn't have to know that though, does he? Any way, we have been having a lot of sex. Jeff is also taking extra vitamins and wearing boxers (which he hates) to help boost his sperm count. The other day he told me that I was only using him for his sperm. I joked that he could leave a donation in a sterile cup on the bathroom counter and I could use the ole turkey baster. He said he preferred the old fashion way. At least I tried to give him another option. Next week he has an appointment with his doctor and he is going to get a sperm count. Woohoo!!! I'll soon find out if the problem is all me, or both of us.






























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