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Welcome to my online journal, Journey and Destination.  If by any chance you would like more information on any topics I have brought up in my OLJ, please visit the Favorites section of this site.

Currently I have not been posting anything on my journal. I hope to be back in full swing though through the fall. There have been some things going on in my life that have not given me the time to devote to my OLJ and my readers. I woudl like to thank all of you who  have returned to read my journal and those of you just joining in.

Please feel welcome to email me with comments or concerns. You can also stay up to date with this site by getting notified.

I would also like to thank Cyn for helping my with the design of my site(what am I saying she did the whole entire opening). You can imagine my surprise when I visited her journal and realized she was seventeen years old. So I read some  and I liked it! I think you will enjoy her wit and her style, please check out http://terabithia.net.


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